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doodler's Journal

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Compulsive Doodler
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Hey, kiddies. I thought it was about time that there was somewhere to post and... amateurishly analyze the voluminous amounts of margin doodles you do instead of taking notes or thinking or walking the dog... It's no fun if they're all planned out, composed, altered after the fact or thought about. And it's really ok to end sentences with prepositions sometimes. Anywho, suffice it to say, if you've got any particularly interesting doodles that just popped out of your pen one day, by all means, share with the group. Don't mess with them, don't Photoshop them all to pieces, just go with the moment... And if you've got any amount of psychoanalytical skill, feel free to bluntly tell the doodlers all about their subconscious state after perusing their doodles. I wish there was a better word for doodle. Keep things decently sized, if they're quite detailed, maybe thumbnail them here and link to the big one elsewhere... Common sense can be a good thing at times.

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